Types of Ownership


Sole Ownership

This is technically the most straightforward type of ownership. One individual is responsible for the purchase and costs involved. If you choose this option, your horse will run in your name and colours, but most importantly you will also enjoy all the prize money that your horse wins!


Syndicates & Co-Ownership

This type of ownership is a popular way to get involved. One of the main benefits is that the costs are shared between the group involved. Additionally, becoming a member of a syndicate can be a sociable and enjoyable experience.


Corporate Ownership

This type of ownership is an ideal way to promote the name of your company and build your brand. For example, your horse can carry your company name, which in turn can be a successful way of promoting your business. You could also organise company days out at the races for staff to get involved, which will promote team building and could boost staff morale!


Leasing a Racehorse

This is another popular option, as at Caroline Fryer Racing we have horses available to lease so you don't have to invest major funds in buying a horse to get involved. You just have the training costs. This way you get to experience all the thrills and spills of racing before committing to an ownership option.


Browick Hall Stables Club

This type of ownership is the ideal solution if you are new to racehorse ownership and want to experience the excitement of horse racing, but without the initial purchase fees associated with other ownership options.


One thing you may be wondering is why choose Caroline Fryer Racing Ltd?


Why choose us?

Here at Caroline Fryer Racing we are passionate about what we do and show genuine love to the horses we have in training.

We provide individual training programmes to cater our horses one to one needs to ensure we maximise their potential. Our horses also go hunting, to the beach, to the forest and do cross country schooling sessions which are all local to where we are situated. These alternative training methods are a great way to keep our horses fit and mentally stimulated without having to step foot on a gallop!

We are also the only National Hunt and Point to Point training yard in Norfolk and considering we are only a small racing establishment, we are priviledged to offer great training facilities.

Please take a look at our facilities page to know more.


What do you get as an Owner?

As an owner we want you to be involved as little or as much as you would like to be. We can provide weekly or monthly updates of your horses progress. You are always welcome to come and see your horse in training at Browick Hall Stables or at The Links in Newmarket (when suitable for your horse) or you can call Caroline directly who will happily update you on your horses progress and what the next plan of action will be.

Don't forget, one of the main aspects of being an owner is simply being able to enjoy a day at the races and hopefully entering the winners enclosure!


If you would like to find out more please contact Caroline directly on 07768 056 076 or email her at caroline@carolinefryerracing.co.uk for more details.


We hope to hear from you soon!